Tschudin + Heid AG offers you a wide range of straightening services for round, profiled and spatially shaped shafts.

Precise work results in the shortest time

The over bending of the shafts between elasticity and yield strength causes a considerable reduction of the stresses in the material. Once the stresses have been reduced, the deflection is slowly returned to the axis of symmetry. In this process, the shafts are aligned with their axis of symmetry.

Manual straightening guarantees sensitive, repeatable work and requires a great deal of operator experience. Measuring and straightening in one clamping ensures favorable cycle times,

who are able to present precise work results within a very short time.


  • Press forces: Straightening with hand press from 1N, with hydraulic press up to 50 kN
  • Lengths: From 10mm to 300mm
  • Diameter: From ø 0.5mm to ø 20mm
  • Unit weights: From 5 grams to 15.00 Kg
  • Straightening accuracy: Up to 0.01 mm

Measuring and straightening are carried out in one clamping.

Shaft bent with concentricity derogation.

Mounted on two support points, measuring the concentricity derogation with integrated measurement on the straightening device.

Shaft is straightened by bending in the opposite direction to the highest elevation.

The bending exerted can be controlled and influenced by the integrated measurement on the straightening device.

The shaft is checked for concentricity by rotating it around its circumference and, if necessary, is straightened several times according to Figure 2 until the concentricity tolerance is reached.


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